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Ever tried wearing glue-on lashes before or spent the time and money getting extensions? Well I've tried the glue-on and they ended up stuck to my upper eyelid and my fingers were all sticky. I'm too short on time and cash to try the extensions. So I figured false lashes were just something I'd ever be able to do. Then I discovered Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes! 

Yes I said MAGNETIC lashes! These things are so cool! You get the lash and liner bundle set and then you’re set for at least 30 wears. Apply 2 coats of the liner to your lash line and let dry. Then add the Tori Belle lashes like magic watch as they attach to your liner!

My most favorite go-to everyday products from Tori Belle are the Wonderlash with the Made in the US black liner, The Works Brow kit, Stark Naked Palette, and Ignite Lip Plumper. Here you can see me wearing the lashes, brow kit, and lip plumper. I have the Stark Naked palette on my eyes, cheeks and then used as a highlight.

tori belle lashes

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