SurfPrep Sanding

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Hands down, without a doubt, SurfPrep sanders have been the very best tool investment I have ever made for my business! I cried tears of joy after each use of my SurfPrep 3"x4" sander for at least the first 6 months. I’m talking’ literal tears here people! 

The initial wow factor with SurfPrep is their foam abrasives that allow you to sand your profiles (aka roundy edges) with the sander. Very rarely will you ever find yourself having to hand sanding again. Think about all those naked legged buffets you’ll be doing! As soon as you get through your first SurfPrep sanding session you’ll notice the additional added SurfPrep perks. These sanders were totally designed with the user in mind. They are so lightweight and low impact. No more heavy vibrations! You can sand for hours and not feel like your arm isn’t about to fall off when you’re done. It fits so perfectly in the hand too. When connected to a shop vac you’ll also notice a nearly dustless sanding experience. It really is a game changer!


surfprep sander sanding wood working

I have both the 3"x4" and the 5” orbital electric ray vac compatible sanders. My suggestion is to start with the 3x4 because it’s such a good all around  sander. However, if you’re strictly looking to sand large flat surfaces down to the bare wood get either the 5” or 6” orbital sanders.

When purchasing your sander always go all in and get the full sanding system! Purchasing the full system will allow you the benefit of getting to try all the foam, film and paper abrasives SurfPrep has to offer. You’ll get to play around and really discover what it is that you like best for your

SurfPrep 3x4 electric ray sanding system

Another item I suggest purchasing are the maroon non-woven abrasives. You can use these to clean your pieces. Just spray your surface with your favorite cleaner. Attach the maroon pad to your sander and with the sander on but unattached to a vac go to town cleaning your piece. Such a fantastic time saver! 

If you have any questions about the SurfPrep sanders PLEASE feel free to reach out to me! I also have a playlist on my Facebook page with lots of SurfPrep videos. The folks at SurfPrep are also so helpful, please check out the live chat on their website as well. 


SurfPrep sander sanding wood working