November 2019 Paint Goodie Bag - Modern Fairytale

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November 2019  - Modern Fairytale

A fresh look with a classic feel! This palette is so amazing! It’s rich and romantic with just a slight variance from the traditional. I have to say it’s my absolute favorite. I envision a stunning November fairytale wedding drenched in these gorgeous colors. 

Featuring a perfect pairing of Isles Ave, 1987, Military Bronze and Black Cherry.  Keeping with the theme of fairytales the brush of the month is the knight in shining armor, the B10. This big hunk of a brush will swoop in and come to your rescue when you’re working on large job or for your top coating needs.

* Each month there’s a new color palette of four Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paints plus a new brush of the month as well.

** The 2oz pots are perfect for sampling different colors from the vast Wise Owl line. Also, now available in half pint and pint sizes too!